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With an evidence based coaching approach you can achieve that dream body without sacrificing your favorite foods and spending endless hours in the gym
Over a Decade of Experience In the Industry Creating Results Like These for People Just Like You
With a wide variety of evidence-based training & nutrition protocols necessary to realistically tackle & accomplish your ambitions in an optimal manner.

All coaching services are tailored entirely to the individual - I work with each & every one of my clients on an individual basis. There are no cookie cutter meal plans or pre-made routines - everything is built from the ground up with your goals, current body composition, personal preferences, dieting history, time constraints & practicality in mind.
Dylan Tweedie
Kellie Leavy
Thomas Barret-Weber
Sean McKiernan
Wesley De Waal
Simen Madsen
Keri Kabbes
Adrian Hurgoi
Rhoda has transformed much more than her body in under 18 months of working together. When she first came to me, she was eating excessive amounts of protein, terrified of carbs & 'naughty foods', had little understanding of how to quantify what she ate or how she trained & had rarely incorporated any heavy lifting into her routine. She struggled with building muscle, building strength & felt as if she was constantly starving - surviving on as few as 1200 calories per day.

Incorporating flexible dieting into Rhoda's routine allowed her to spend more 'normal' time & lead more 'normal' life with her family (husband & two children) & outside of the gym, as well as feel less ostracised during the dieting process & life in general. 

Her initial focus was on building muscle, further developing her glutes & increasing her metabolic capacity to allow an easier dieting process, whilst setting her sights on several strength-based goals also. In doing so, she managed to increase her intake to in excess of 2600 calories & almost 300g of carbs per day, making future dieting a far different story to her previous experiences.

More recently, she competed in the 2017 WBFF Gold Coast Show & placed 2nd in Fitness Model & 4th in Bikini Diva. She has yet to set herself a goal & not accomplish it.
Marwan has changed so much more than his body composition since we began working together some 15 months ago. His self-worth no longer relies solely on the way he looks & the way he feels other people perceive him & since dropping several shirt sizes, his focus has now switched to building more muscle & strength. 

In the last six months alone, Marwan has increased his squat & deadlift loads/ working weights by in excess of 200% & his technical proficiency is a testament to how hard he works both inside & outside of the gym.

One of the biggest challenges he faced & has since overcome was the external pressure to be lean & the notion that anything other than training for fat loss was a failure. He now lives life on his own terms, trains in a manner that is enjoyable & challenges him whilst eating foods he loves in the appropriate quantities given his goals at the time. 
Nutrition Recommendations Built On Flexibility, Personal Preference & Practicality 
I incorporate flexible dieting & sustainable nutrition approaches to training & nutrition to ensure you can fit your training regime & diet into your lifestyle, rather than having them dictate it. Essentially, you will be the master of your own diet, whilst I control your intake via macronutrient numbers & nutritional guidelines, or in whatever capacity we deem best for creating a healthy environment for success. I do not write food or meal plans, but rather teach my clients how to eat & make their own food choices with their goals in mind.
Patrick Hoffelmeyer
Dave Lougheed
Kate Purtle
Andrew Melotti
Chelsea first reached out to enquire about one-on-one training in an attempt to improve her technique in the gym before developing aspirations to compete on stage.

Her training involved heavy & frequent compound movements, with no more than 60 minutes of cardio per week until the final few weeks of her prep. She ate the foods she loved, didn't have to miss out on social events due to her diet or training regime & was able to spend plenty of time with her boyfriend. In fact, her dieting experience was so easy & impacted her life so minimally, her boyfriend proposed on the night of her show - she placed 4th in the WBFF Fitness Model Category.

Chelsea has a very healthy relationship with food, understanding the need for more calories to make improvements & the need for periods of time without any potential diet-related stress. 
Changing your body isn’t overly difficult in a short space of time, but keeping those results & making long-term progress in a sustainable fashion is much more difficult. This is what my client Lauren has achieved between April 2014 & October 2017. 

3.5 years of controlled building phases, supplemented with controlled periods of deficit dieting & several competition preps. Each time she has dieted, she’s reversed in a controlled fashion to improve her body composition without gaining excess body fat. She’s performed minimal cardio throughout & three years on, she gets lean on more calories than she did the first time around. 

She’s built muscle & strength, forged a brilliant relationship with food & has never had to resort to any extremes. She sits at a far lower body fat percentage & looks leaner at higher body fat percentages as a consequence of her hard work over the past 42 months. 

She has competed several times throughout the time we have worked together - she has won National Shows & has never failed to place in the top 5 at all of her other shows, most recently the Gold Coast WBFF in the Bikini Diva division.

Her sights are firmly set on winning her WBFF Pro Card in the near future - watch this space!
Training Protocols That Incorporate Flexibility, Enjoyment & Guarantee Strength Progression & Results
Evidence-based training recommendations that incorporate frequency-based, sub-maximal training methods to allow consistent, long-term progression which translates into more muscle, less body fat & more flexible lifestyles. Maximise the time you spend in the gym & minimise the friction your training regime places on your life.
Dorsa B
Justine Whitchurch
Plus the Accountability & Consistent Communication
Everything is arranged & communicated via email; your programming is kept up to date at all times & you'll have the chance to check in each week to remain accountable. You will also receive weekly email reminders to check-in & stay on track. As a part of the service, I am available to answer any & every question or query you may have at any time throughout the period that we work together - you’ll have priority access to my email inbox at all times in order to ensure you remain on track & understand every aspect of your coaching & programming
Mark Hallam
Melissa Paice
Michael Cervino
Jake came to me as a coach himself with the intention of furthering his own knowledge in nutrition & contest prep. 

His intention was to compete in a bodybuilding/ physique show. We ran a successful 16 week cut & peak into a local ICN show in Sydney. Jake had the foresight to reach out ahead of time in order to give himself enough time to properly prepare for a deficit dieting phase. 

Jake placed fourth in his first physique show & is now spending time building muscle & improving his metabolism whilst maintaining his conditioning as best he can, to ensure that next time he hits the stage he'll be carrying more muscle mass, whilst giving himself every chance of beginning his next deficit dieting phase in better shape than he did the first time around.
Chrissy's Story:
Chrissy first reached out in 2014, her goals revolved around, for the most part, building muscle & strength, as well as improving her body composition in time & incorporating her training & nutrition more into her lifestyle so that she never felt as if one had to lose out at the expense of the other. 

In the space of three years, she has built more muscle mass than any other female I've worked with & increased her strength to match as a consequence. Building muscle mass as a female is a challenging feat, but Chrissy was able to control her conditioning with strategically placed mini-cuts for short periods of time whilst spending the majority f her time building muscle.

Due to the amount of muscle mass she built & the amount of time she spent in a calorie surplus, she was able to build her intake up to in excess of 100g of fat & 380g of carbs per day, without having to perform any cardio. Macronator!
You won't be lost in a system. 

I never work with more than 50 clients at any one time to ensure the service I offer remains personalised in nature & of the highest quality. Communication is always prompt (within 12 & at most 24 hours) & requests regarding coaching, styles of coaching, programming, execution & personalisation are all taken into consideration in order to ensure the most efficient & satisfactory experience possible.
Sam W
Sirasit Piaratisit
Kahla Wickham
- Supplement and Macronutrient Guidelines 
- Bi-weekly Email Check Ins
- Unlimited Email Support and Communication
- Ongoing program optimisation
- Supplement and Macronutrient Guidelines 
- Weekly Training Recommendations
- Smartphone Application for Program Delivery
- Extensive Video Exercise Library
- Cardio Recommendation (if required)
- Bi-weekly email check ins
- Unlimited Email Support and Communication
- Ongoing program optimisation
- Weekly Training Recommendations
- Smartphone Application for Program Delivery
- Extensive Video Exercise Library
- Cardio Recommendation (if required)
- Bi-weekly email check ins
- Unlimited Email Support and Communication
- Ongoing program optimisation
More Happy, Satisfied & Confident Clients 
Sharing Their Experience:
Jono Wigham
Jono Wigham has been working with me for the past three months. In that time, not only has his compound lift (squat/ bench/ deadlift) technique improved out of sight (he has trained in person as well as online), he has dropped several kilos whilst increasing his daily calorie intake on a consistent basis. He is soon to commence a fat loss phase on a higher calorie intake than when we began his current building phase as a consequence of his hard work to date.

Leah Sheluk
Leah reached out after she got engaged with the intention of losing some weight & improving the way she felt about herself. By the time her engagement party rolled around she had dropped in excess of 7kg & was able to fit into the wedding dress she always wanted.
Meagan Honeyman
Meagan has been working with me for several years & after initially chasing fat loss related goals, she is now focusing on building strength, her metabolism, changing the way her body looks and the way she feels about herself, whilst enjoying her life as much as possible.
Renee Winter
Renee reached out some time after suffering from a period of disordered eating & has been coming to terms with increasing the amount of food she eats, getting stronger & building muscle. She has made incredible mental progress & is consuming double what she was initially!
Nick Myhre
Nick is a model working out of LA & needed a training & nutrition regime that helped him get lean and stay lean so that he wouldn't require any preparation time when a casting arose. Incorporating flexible dieting principles into Nick's routine allowed him to maintain his social life, control his body composition more accurately and land multiple castings as a consequence. 
Simen Madsen
Simen first reached out with the intention of getting leaner & becoming a more confident human being. It wasn't long before he decided that he much preferred the goal of building muscle & having a more flexible lifestyle as a consequence. In time, he was able to build his intake up to in excess of 650g of carbs & 130g of fat per day! Living the life!
Sean McKiernan
Sean reached out to get leaner than he had ever been before & successfully completed a flexible dieting style comp prep, placing in the top 5 of his show & getting into the shape of his life.
You're Probably Thinking:
“I hope this isn't another cookie cutter plan...”
Every set of training & nutrition recommendations is built from scratch, using your detailed client questionnaire as a point of reference. Ultimately, the idea behind the coaching experience is to create a solution that will work with you & fit in with your circumstances, personal preference, time constraints, schedule  - so that you can make great progress with a minimum of fuss & focus on enjoying everything you love outside of fitness, in addition to becoming far more knowledgeable for the experience.
“I really hope this works”
As you can see, I have worked with hundreds of clients over the course of a decade in the fitness industry, tailoring their training & nutrition recommendations to their individual needs & preferences. The service is tailored to your every need & we will work together to create a program that facilitates success & takes you to where you want to be. Further to that, we will communicate every week to ensure that your approach is as optimal as it can be.
"Is this a scam?"
Who do you think I am? I'd be more than happy to jump on a Skype call to verify who I am & how I can help you become the most confident version of yourself.
"I’m a Vegetarian/ Vegan - will this work for me?" 
Yes! I work with every single client on an individual basis, so if you have any particular dietary requests or preferences, these will be taken into account.
"I’m gluten intolerant - will this work for me?" 
Yes! I work with every single client on an individual basis, so if you have any particular dietary requests or preferences, these will be taken into account.
"What if I fall off the plan or can’t start right away? Will this work for me?"
YES! The idea behind the online coaching experience is to work with you & your environment to ensure whatever happens we are putting our best foot forward. If you can't begin right away, we can look at locking in a coaching spot in the future.
"I’ve tried a million things before - why will this work for me?"
Because this experience is built out to suit your every need. This isn't a 'plan' - this is tailored coaching to fit in with your lifestyle & make the fat loss/ muscle building/ life changing process as simple as it can be.
"Do I have to follow a meal plan?"
Absolutely not. I incorporate flexible dieting into all of my clients' nutrition recommendations, meaning they have the opportunity to be the master of their own diet, while I control things via macronutrient target & nutritional guidelines. If there are certain foods you particularly love or hate, we'll make sure to include/ exclude them accordingly!
"How is this going to help me fight my cravings?"
As above, I incorporate flexible dieting into all of my clients' nutrition recommendations, meaning they'll have the opportunity to eat the foods they love in moderation & avoid the ones they don't like entirely.
"I don’t have a gym membership, can I still apply to become a client?"
You can, however it's unlikely you'll be able to change or improve your physique at a similar rate to that of somebody engaging in regular resistance training. Building & maintaining muscle mass requires progressive overload & considerable amounts of weight to challenge you & condition your body to become stronger & more shapely - bodyweight training or training at home simply won't offer the same benefits. 
"I'll probably never hear from Nick after I sign up & pay..."
Accountability is the number one reason I have a client base, and the number one reason my clients & YOU will get results. Not only will you have every opportunity to communicate as freely with me as you like, but you'll be encouraged & reminded every single week to send through your progress updates so your plan can be modified accordingly.
Frequently Asked Questions:
How quickly can I begin?
Most clients will begin officially on the next available Monday, however as soon as you've finalised your order & locked in your spot, you'll be directed to a client questionnaire & appropriate paperwork. Your training & nutrition recommendations will be sent to you within 48 hours & your coaching block begin officially on the next available Monday so that you have time to become acquainted with everything before you begin.
Is there a minimum commitment?
Yes - 12 weeks. I won't work with anybody looking for a quick fix - I am looking to change lives & habits, rather than focus on fast fat loss or weight gain. 
My goals might be different to somebody else, how do I know your plan will work for me? 
I work with every single client on an individual basis in order to create a truly unique approach necessary to tackle any goal & overcome any obstacle. 
What if I don't like one of the recipes or workouts?
I incorporate flexible dieting into all of my clients' nutrition recommendations, meaning they have the opportunity to be the master of their own diet, while I control things via macronutrient target & nutritional guidelines. If there are certain foods you particularly love or hate, we'll make sure to include/ exclude them accordingly!
Do I have to keep up with counting calories or macronutrients?
Not if you don't want to, but it will be the best way to get the absolute best results possible. If you don't wish to do so, you can simply use any one of the sample meal plans as a guide or incorporate any of the healthy & calorie-friendly recipes into your diet that you'll find in the bonus Membership Portal you'll get access to as a coaching client.
I'm afraid of following a plan & ending up hungry, will this do that to me?
Understanding calorie & macro-nutrition will help you with making more appropriate food choices given your goals & appetite. The coaching experience is designed to teach you to eat with your goals, personal preference & practicality in mind at all times, but if your goals focus on fat loss, depending on how lean you wish to be, there may be some hunger involved.
I don't need to lose a bunch of weight, I just need to tone up. Is your plan right for me?
Absolutely - as above, I work with every single client on an individual basis in order to facilitate their journey to where they want to be & becoming the most confident version of themselves.
If I am new to strength training, can I still follow the program?
This isn't a program - this is a tailored coaching experience, built out to individual needs, strength levels, personal preferences & time constraints.
I have been lifting weights for years, is this program for me?
Same as above. Everything is tailored to you individually, so you'll get exactly what you're after.
What if I can only commit to 3 or 4 gym sessions per week?
No problem! Your programming will be built out to your individual time constraints so that it doesn't put a huge strain on your lifestyle nor impact your ability to make great, longterm progress.
I want to get 'shredded', or compete on a bodybuilding stage, is this program for me?
As above.
What happens after I've submitted my details?
You'll receive an email within 24 hours scheduling a Skype consultation to discuss your goals & the best way to move forward.
What happens if I have a question?
You're free to communicate with me as freely as you like throughout the time we work together.