Use the same training principles & nutrition protocols as my most successful clients:

52 Weeks of Personalized Strength and Muscle-Building Workouts

By signing up for HyperDBS, you’ll get:

Up To 52 Weeks of Individualised Training Programming
I’ve taken care of EVERYTHING for you. For the next year, everything you need to do is laid out session by session, so you don’t need to worry about a thing. I’ll program your deloads for exactly when you need them, make sure you’re peaking at the right time, and have the perfect blend of strength and hypertrophy work to build your ideal physique … FAST.

(Coaching is charged per month, no lock-in contract)

 A 100% Personalised Training Plan
Forget generic magazine workouts, or training routines taken from websites and blogs. They can work, but they’re extremely hit and miss. And do you really want to risk working so hard, for such little gain? Your workouts will be calculated using your individual one rep maxes for every session, and you'll have a plan that completely suits your schedule, with the opportunity to choose some exercises that you enjoy doing & stay away from the ones you don't.

Complete Video Library
The BIG mistake even the most advanced trainers make? Lifting with poor form. See, as good as a program can be, it’s only as effective as the form you use. That’s why I’ve recorded videos of every single exercise with key technique points so you ensure you get the most from every single lift, and avoid any of those annoying, progress-killing injuries along the way.

Access to a Private Facebook Group
I never want to be one of those trainers who just creates a program and leaves people to get on with it. Whether you want extra accountability, motivation, to ask questions, or to chat all things strength, muscle-building & fat loss, you’ll get exclusive access to a group with me, your fellow Hyper SBD users & additional exclusive content.

Weekly LIVE Videos
I’m setting aside some time every week to record videos exclusive to anyone who jumps in with Hyper SBD, inclusive of Q&As, technique & trainer tips & much more.

And, last but not least …

Full Access to 
The 30-Day Flexible Dieting Course 
You can become one of the first to go through my brand new 30-day flexible dieting course. Whether you’re a seasoned flexible dieter, or a relative newbie, there is content in here for you.

I’ll teach you precisely how to work out what you need to eat to achieve your muscle gain and strength building (or even fat loss) goals. 

What’s more, you’ll never have to give up any of your favourite foods, as you can literally eat anything. Whether you’re a French fry fiend, you’re partial to pizza, or an ice cream addict, you can eat ALL THIS and still drop body fat, build rock-hard muscle and add pounds to your lifts.
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